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Our 18% overall returns are a reflection of our philosophy. We've understood how to produce long term returns in all economic cycles. We did it since we were just a small family office. This advantage help us work with the best institutions to share the knowledge and benefit we've gained throughout the years. 


RAYGAN MILLS is a strong partner for institutional and non-institutional investors for co-investment opportunities. We only partner with sophisticated investors to generate superior returns. Our operating priorities are asset selection and capital allocation, and active management, which combined, are excellent engines for growth and returns. Our past pain and challenges gave us tremendous lucidity and clarity in formulating proper investment strategies for success.

RAYGAN MILLS is a sector neutral but focused only on growing industries, competitive and profitable companies with unique position. We put great consideration on the quality of the management team, but can support companies with management in transition to strengthen and grow their organizations and operations.

RAYGAN MILLS specifically invests in lower mid-market companies with a $30 million to $150 million range of revenue in Europe, frontier and emerging markets in the industrial, technology, energy, e-commerce, financial and consumer sectors. Raygan Mills’s mandate and investment approach is to support companies’ management teams by providing capital for the expansion of sales, marketing and operating teams, investments in plant, property and equipment, the implementation of enterprise-resource-planning systems, and by providing capital for add-on acquisitions. Our goal is to invest in companies to support them in developing the best capabilities and in realizing outstanding business practices so that they can compete in the global marketplace.

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