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RAYGAN MILLS is a new discrete private equity firm formerly registered in London UK. The firm’s heritage of private equity investing started in the 1950s respectively as a small family office and direct private placements. The grand father of the founder and his partner Mr. Paul Soppo Priso invested in multiple organizations that became large institutions. They've maintained these investments for an extremely long time and during several economic crisis and downturns. The investment journey came with challenges but despite that, these investment programs have been very successful over time, thanks to a strong vision, tremendous focus, resilience, and long term commitment to portfolio companies. The firm has this heritage of private equity investing in developed and emerging economies for over 50 years. RAYGAN MILS builds on this heritage.


RAYGAN MILLS' mission is to help companies grow their assets during different economic conditions. The firm is not sectors specific but situation oriented and only focuses on the particular situation organizations are facing. The firm aims to make both, growth and buyout investments on a direct and co-investments basis with sophisticated investors. Our past challenges gave us the discipline in selecting and allocating assets. 

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